Extroversion 3​.​0

by Cancer Killing Gemini

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Cancer Killing Gemini Boston

Rock / Electronic from Boston, MA

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Track Name: JAN12 - Horror Movie Song
Porn star, dumb guy
Full moon climbs through a starless sky
Black car, brake lights
The air in this town doesn't feel quite right
Old man, with just one eye
That's no reason not to trust a guy
Cliche, right here
"We should split up"
That's a great idea

Now I want to see some vampires
I want to see the girl chased
Then I want to see a werewolf
I want to see their car crash
I wanna see the doll child
Crawling up the staircase
I want to see the porn star
Mangled in the car crash

Farm house, porch light
Let's go inside and stay for the night
Come see what I found
"Is it a big ancient book where the words move around?"
Just then the old man
Flailing around with a knife in his hand
Outside, best part
Never would've guessed that the car wouldn't start

Is the old man gonna get me
I thought we killed him yesterday
Now he's some kind of zombie
If he bites me
I will try to eat your brains
Just shoot me in the head we'll be okay
In the sequel I'm undead
Track Name: FEB12 - In Nine Months I'm Fucked
You just can't wait to lose the panty hose
You're such a dirty girl without your clothes
But your future hasn't captured me
Long as your embryo's still incomplete

But then you get so slutty on the bathroom floor
Want me to touch you just a little more
You think that contraception's so unkind
The Clearblue comes without a warning sign

In thirty-nine weeks
I am in trouble
You've guaranteed
In 9 months
I'm fucked

If you're only sixteen I am in trouble
You little minx
Now I am fucked

So I'm sequestered in the waiting room
As my new progeny departs the womb
My adolescence all but repossessed
Why'd did you have to wear that party dress

It came out of me so wonderfully
But how did she make you from me
It came out of me so wonderfully
But how could she
Track Name: MAR12 - Homosexual
So did you see the writing on the wall
when your son showed a certain "flair"
And it didn't seem that strange to you that all his "girlfriends" had really short hair
Then just one ear gets pierced to showcase his pretty face
"Turn off the football dad, it's time for 'Will and Grace'"

There's one thing I think you know
Your son's a homosexual
Don't believe that he'll outgrow it
Your son's a homosexual

Somehow the tight pink shirts were not enough to give it away
What did you tell yourself when your friends called him fruitcake
"If they don't ask don't tell 'cause this world can get really mean
Ah hell, we love you son"
whatever makes you happy"

Don't know if you're homosexual
Do you think I'm homosexual
Does God loves the homosexuals?
God loves the homosexuals
Track Name: APR12- Put Out Or Get Out
Sneak into the limousine
You rock it like a prom queen
Act as if you're ready now
So just pull your top down

Dolled up for a peep show
You wanna taste a life of rock & roll?
Now you're regretting what you got into
And what this band's gonna to do to you

Give up the jailbait?
I can't think straight.
Put on a sex show?
I don't think so.
Can you out-drink me?
Less succinctly.
Put out or get out.
Track Name: MAY12 - Catholic School
Monday morning spent with Father Gabriel
The inside of the room feels like a prison cell
Mom say's my salvation's gonna take a while
But can't you see this guy's a closet pedophile
The first of many things that make my faith derail
As your modern religion reaches epic fail
So you say I should love my neighbor then you take a pass
When you say God hates all the gays and the democrats

You think it's just Catholic school
but I can feel the mind control

Father says I need to take a leap of faith
But all these Rules can make me feel like God's my enemy
Belief is what to think when you can't prove it's real
That's Straight from the lips of Father Gabriel
I learned about all the apostles and the holy grail
Is that guy Satan for real or a fairy tale?
I think there's one conviction that's
becoming clear
I'm gonna raise my own kids far away from here
Track Name: JUN12 - Your Inner Psychopath Sometimes Shows
are you sure
promise me
gonna go
out with me
here we go
best of luck
you think we're gonna
get to
figure out 
you're a little wild
save the date
make you cry
make you feel
oh, so sweet

she'll never feel like you
'cause she not a freak like you
they say you're a fast machine
but what does that even mean
(yeah you're crazy but)
don't you know
your inner psycopath sometimes shows
do you think she competes with you
'cause she's kinda sweet like you

heaven sent
I'm not sure
destruction comes
from foreign shores
seal my fate
let me go
the church and state
of blow by blow
the feeling's done
it seems a shame
to lay to waste
our little team
you got your taste
it's time to go